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Silicone Self Sealing Food Bag

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Self sealing storage bags are perfect for clearing up that extra space between tupperwear. These bags are ultra thick about .25mm of pure food-grade PEVA material. Leak resistent, perfect for storing liquids. 

It can reduce food waste and the use of disposable plastic products.

Great for:

  1. Lunch food: sandwiches, bread, bacon, fish, meat, chicken
  2. Snacks: strawberries, cherry tomatoes, grapes, raisins, fries, biscuits
  3. Liquid food: milk, soy milk, juice, soup, honey
  4. Dry food: cereals, beans, oatmeal, peanuts
  5. Pet food: dog food, cat food, etc. 

Product Sizes:

Small: 21.5 X12cm
Medium: 21.5 X 18cm
Large: 26 X 20cm
6Pcs/Set [6 Medium= (2 White, 2 Green, 2 Blue)]
10Pcs/Set [2 Large (Orange), 4 Medium (Blue), 4 Small (Yellow)]
12Pcs/Set [4 Large (Green), 4 Medium (Blue), 4 Small (Yellow)]
14Pcs/Set [4 Large (Green), 5 Medium (Blue), 5 Small (Yellow)
Hand wash cold
Not dishwasher safe.
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