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Dish Drainer Rack

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Are jamming and stockpiling your dishes to smithereens?

How about instead placing them in an even more convenient place? 

That's right! With our Dish Drainer Rack; you can finally put your dishes in a space that makes the most sense, over the sink, where you wash the dishes. This rack is so great because it also dubs as a drying rack. You can wash a dish then toss it right above to dry as you clean the next. You don't even have to move it! It's already put away.

Plus it is super visibly appealing. Who doesn't want to show off that they have their stuff together? I know I do. 

Other Key Features:

  • High rising so it is out of you line of sight when doing dishes.
  • Extra sturdy reinforced stainless steel base, can hold up to 130lb! 
  • Detachable holders allow you to rearrange them to better suit your style.
  • Anti-slip bottoms with suction cups to protect the counter from scratches.
  • Comes in multiple sizes so you can get the right one for your kitchen.

Sizes and Recommended Sink Size

65.5CM/25.7in: Should Be ≤ 24.8 inch
79CM/31.1in: Should Be ≤ 30.3 inch
85.5CM/33.6in: Should Be ≤ 32.6 inch
91CM/35.8in: Should Be ≤ 35.0 inch

The Height of the Faucet: ≤ 43cm/16.9inch 

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